Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cruise Tycoon now out!

We are excited to announce the release of Cruise Tycoon. Many months have gone into the development of this game and I am sure the guys at Tradegame Labs are thanking you for your support. Make sure to Download the game today!

Manage the world best cruise line company on your hands!
Traditional business management simulation game - 'Cruise Tycoon'
Multi-language supported : English, Française, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, and 한국어.

Cruise Tycoon is a traditional business strategy simulation game managing a cruise line company world-wide. 

▶ Gameplay
Once you start a game, you will begin to operate your new company with a small cruise ship. After you create a new cruise route and set up the sailing schedule, your ship starts to be operated. As your company is grown, you can buy new ships, employ a new captain. Also you must listen to the needs of employees.
To open new routes, you should build up a new hub on other port. To earn more profit, you can discover a new shore excursion on your port of calls.
As the ship operated, you must proceed the service training of employees, and the periodic ship maintenance. You can adjust the level of food on board to increase the customer satisfaction, and also you can do advertising and promotion to get more guests.

▶ Beautiful 13 cruise ship models
▶ Real 100 harbors world-wide
▶ Ability to create your own cruise line and sailing schedule for each ship
▶ Development of unique shore excursions on each ports
▶ Various controls for the management

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As always if you have any questions type them in the comments below and we will try to answer them, if not pass them on to the development team. Enjoy the game and the many updates to come!


  1. Great Game, TradeGameLab!

    I am a frequent cruiser, and I can see that cruise ship choices are modeled after real cruise ships, the sailing ports reflect real ones, and it has similar gameplay to my favorite game, AirTycoon 2.

    The only negatives:

    Having to schedule routes every twelve weeks is a pain. It would be nice to have an automatic route renewal so that the user could select one or more routes that would cycle indefinitely for the summer season and the winter season. This is the feature I most desire.

    Being to set up a monthly/yearly ad budget for each ship, for each medium (TV, Newspaper, etc.), and automatic service training/maintain for an extra cost would be good, too.

    Do that, and you would have another perfect tycoon game!


  2. Great to here your liking it!

    We have heared frequent complaints about the game needing to be automated so we are trying to bring some changes out, as seen with the recent and upcoming updates. We hope they will only make the game much more fun to play!

    Thanks for the comment,
    Oliver Cooksey

  3. why don't you do a version for iPad of all those games? I like to play on my iPhone but I prefer to play on a bigger screen because i don't wanna lose my eyes!

  4. an italian lenguage in cruise and air tycoon2?